Video Playback Schedule
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The Video Playback Schedule is used to schedule the playback of video files. You can tell Switchboard to start playing a video file at any time on any day. The Video Playback Schedule will show you the schedule for the current week, displaying one week at a time.


To view a previous week or an upcoming week, use the left and right buttons to navigate one week at a time.

To add a video to the playback schedule, first select the days you wish the playback to occur by playing a check in the box beside the day.

Press the clip0011 button to browse for a video file using the Package Manager.
(Video files must in VCD or SVCD format and stored in the "Switchboard\Video" folder)

Enter the title of the video for easy reference. This title is also displayed above the video on the Switchboard screen when Use Full Screen is not selected.

When Use Full Screen is selected, the video is played back using the entire TV screen. To enable full screen playback select Use Full Screen by placing a check in front of this option.

When Use Full Screen is disabled, the video played back will be smaller than the entire TV screen and you will see a graphic backdrop behind the video. The title of the video will also be displayed above the video and you have the ability to change the color of the title as well as add a drop shadow.
Selecting Motion will enable the backdrop to be animated.

If you would like a Bug (a small graphic in the bottom right corner) added to the video playback, use the clip0011 button to locate a bug graphic. Place any graphics you wish to use as a Bug in the "Switchboard\Custom" folder.

Note: Any part of the bug graphic that is pure black is treated as transparent.

The Start and End date will be set to the current week. If you would like your video to be played back every Monday for the next 3 weeks, you would add 3 weeks to the End date.

Finally select the time you would like the video to start and press the Ok button.
The schedule will automatically be updated to reflect the new video that has been added.

When a video has been scheduled to playback full screen, it will have a yellow icon in front of it. If the video has been scheduled to playback with a title (not full screen) it will have a green icon in front of it.

To Delete the scheduled playback of a video, double right click on the video you wish to delete. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

To Print a copy of the current weekly schedule, press the right mouse button on an empty part of the window and select Print Current Week.