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The "All in One" Broadcast Solution for Community Television

Switchboard is a software package that allows you to schedule and maintain digital content for broadcast over the local cable system.

Switchboard will:

·Schedule and playback community messages  
·Schedule and playback digitally captured or rendered VCD/SVCD/XVCD/XSVCD video/audio content  
·Display static and crawling text messages  
·Display digital photos and graphics  
·Display computer animations  
·Automatically place company logos (bugs) over video playback  
·Easily maintain any number of Switchboard systems from a single remote location.  
·Update schedules and content through an Internet connection.  

Switchboard will display text and graphic information 24/7 and will automatically switch to video/audio content as scheduled.

Switchboard requires inexpensive hardware to operate and will generate high quality, professional, broadcast results.