Insert Video
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Switchboard also allows you to schedule and playback short video clips within messages. To add a video clip to a message, press the clip0028 button located at the bottom of the Scheduler Interface and select the video clip you wish to use. All video clips you wish to use must be placed in the "Switchboard\Video" folder.


The Preview Screen will display a box indicating where the video will be displayed. This allows for better positioning of the text message.

The playback priority setting tells Switchboard how often to play this message containing the video clip. A setting of 3 means that for every 3 times the messages loop, the message with the video clip will be played once. A setting of 1 means the message with the video clip will be played back in every loop.

Note: If a message is set to display for 30 seconds and the video clip is shorter than 30 seconds, the video will freeze on the last frame and hold it for the remaining delay time. If the video clip is longer than 30 second delay time, the video clip will fade out when the 30 seconds has expired.