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Version 1.19
·Updated Video Converter Engine  
·Video files with mono audio are converted to stereo to prevent crashing  
·Video preview will auto timeout on video files that are corrupt instead of freezing  
·Added ability to skip "Show Times" in the Package Manager to speed up display  

Version 1.18
·Added time calculations to Package Manager  

Version 1.17
·Added Package Manager for creating Video Playback Schedule  

Version 1.16
·Included Video Converter in Switchboard Scheduler Menubar  
·Added 16:9 to 4:3 conversion option  

Version 1.15
·Added SVCD and XSVCD video modes to both Converter and Scheduler  

Version 1.13
·Added Video Converter to allow for higher quaility video using special XVCD mode  

Version 1.10
·New FTP engine for faster file transfer  
·Added Passive mode for FTP connect  
·Changed layout of Schedule Interface for future upgrades  

Version 1.08
·Added ability to compare video files on remote computer against video files on local computer to verify integrity  
·Option to Cancel while uploading large video files  

Version 1.07
·Added ability to specify message playback only on specific days  

Version 1.06
·Added ClockFix to Remote Schedules  
·Added ability to Delete Remote Schedules/Files  

Version 1.05
·Added Video File Checker/Verifier  

Version 1.04
·Added auto positioning of logos in bottom right corner of video  

Version 1.03
·Added ClipArt graphic layer  

Version 1.02
·Added SpellCheck Dictionary  

Version 1.01
·Added more Custom Layouts  

Version 1.00
·Switchboard 1.0 is officially released July 1, 2004.