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To customize the various background settings, locate the Background settings at the bottom of the Scheduler Interface.


Switchboard has 5 built-in colored backgrounds capable of motion. To change to a different color, simply select the color you wish to use. If you would like the background to have motion, place a check in the Motion box.

All built-in backgrounds use the Matte that is part of the Layout Template. If you choose to use a solid color or a custom image as a background, you will have the option to enable or disable the background Matte.

To select a solid color as the background, press the null button. Once a color is selected, this button will change to the selected color.

To use a custom background image, press the clip0037 button and locate the image you wish to use as the background. Any images you wish to use as backgrounds must be placed in the "Switchboard\Custom" folder.