SpiderBasic Export Plugin
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PureVision has the ability to export source code compatible with Spider Basic.

If PureVision was purchased bundled with the SpiderBasic Export Module, exporting to SpiderBasic will be activated when your Registration Key has been entered.

If you are already a Registered User of PureVision, you can purchase the SpiderBasic Export Module separately for only $9.95
by selecting Help from the Main MenuBar and selecting Buy SpiderBasic Export Module.


If the SpiderBasic Export Module has been purchased separately, you will need to enter your new Registration Key by selecting Help from the MenuBar and selecting Enter Registration Key.


When exporting your project, you will have the option to Export SpiderBasic Code.
If this option is checked your code will be exported and saved in the SpiderBasic .sb format.


When working in PureVision make sure you set up the Compiler Settings by opening the Compiler Settings Window.


Enter the location of where SpiderBasic has been installed on your Hard Drive.
If the correct folder has been entered, the current version of SpiderBasic will be displayed.


To preview exported code and see how it will compile in SpiderBasic, make sure Export SpiderBasic Source is checked.
If this is not checked, source code will be exported and previewed in PureBasic.

When designing Forms for use with SpiderBasic, it is best tell PureVision that your Development Platform is SpiderBasic.
This is done by selecting Forms from the PureVision MenuBar, selecting Development Platform and choosing Spider Basic.


This will remove all Gadgets from the Gadget Creator ToolBar that are not compatible with SpiderBasic.

(SpiderBasic does not support these flags)
·Do not use any API flags when creating Gadgets  
·Do not use MinimizeGadget or MaximizeGadget flag when creating Windows  
·SpiderBasic does not support the PVGadgets Library