PureTrans Language Manager
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When starting the PureTrans Language Manager you will be asked to locate the Folder containing the language file to be translated. Next you will be asked to either select an existing language file you have already started to convert or enter the name of a language file you wish to start working on.


After selecting or entering a language file name, a form will appear with the text for all Gadgets. The current language will be located on the left and the new language will appear on the right.


Double left click on the text you wish to translate. You will be prompted to enter the new text.
Enter the new translated text and press the Ok button.


Once your list of text has been translated, press the Save button to save all changes.


There will be times after modifying a project, where the default language no longer lines up to the translated language. Use the Insert and Delete keys to move the entire translated list up or down starting at the selected line.

Note: The PureTrans Language Manager comes as a separate module than can be run without having PureVision. This allows you to give a copy of the PureTrans Language Manager (along with your language file) to the person or group who is doing the translating for you and they simply give back the translated file that has been saved.