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The PanelGadget is a special container consisting of multiple tabs, each tab holding any number of other Gadgets.

When a PanelGadget is added to a Form, 3 Tabs are created by default.
To add a new Tab to a Panel, select the Panel in the Gadget Tree and press the INSERT key on the keyboard .
To delete a Tab from a Panel, select the Tab in the Gadget Tree that you wish to delete and press the DELETE key on the keyboard .

(1) When a Tab is deleted, all Gadgets on the Tab are also deleted. When a PanelGadget is deleted, all Tabs and their Gadgets are also deleted.
(2) Container type Gadgets cannot currently be placed in other container type Gadget. For example, you cannot place a PanelGadget inside a ContainerGadget or a ScrollArea Gadget inside a Panel Gadget.
(3) Tab order can be arranged within a PanelTab but PanelTabs cannot be reordered.