MenuBar Editor
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The MenuBar Editor allows you to easily create MenuBars for your Forms. You can quickly create a standard MenuBar by pressing the QuickMenu button.

Enter the name of the MenuBar item you wish to create along with the text you wish to be displayed. If you would also like an icon displayed, press the ... button and select an icon. Press Add when you have entered all the appropriate information and you will see your item added to the Menu Title column.

If a current MenuBar item is highlighted when the Add button is pressed, the new item will be added after the highlighted item.

Use the Up and Down buttons to position the MenuBar item in the proper location.
Use the Left and Right buttons to make your MenuBar item a SubMenu item.

You can edit any MenuBar items by double left clicking on the appropriate row.
Make any required changes and press the Modify button to save the changes.

You can remove MenuBar items by selecting the appropriate row and pressing the Delete button.