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Version 5.63d
·Fixed ToolBar export to make it compatible with PB5.46 LTS  
·Added extra checks when Opening/Importing a file to prevent wrong Form Name displaying in Form List Selection Box  

Version 5.63c
·Added a little more information under Code Inject in the manual  

Version 5.63b
·Added checks when switching between different Development Platforms for better code export and preventing crashes  

Version 5.63
·Added ToolBar Editor  
·Fixed Right Clicks being lost in Main Interface  
·Fixed proper "/" and "\" being exported when target compiler is Linux  

Version 5.62c
·Added GIF support for ImageGadget, ButtonImageGadget and Window Background  
·Fixed Interface not restoring properly if quitting PureVision while minimized  
·Fixed incorrect filename appearing in "File name" field when Exporting Project  

Version 5.62b
·Fixed Gadgets marked as Hidden not exporting properly  
·Fixed SpiderBasic Export not adding ParentID when a Child Form was assigned to a Parent Form  
·Added SpiderBasic specific Gadget Flags for OpenWindow, TextGadget, StringGadget  
·Updated PureBasic Gadget Flags  

Version 5.62
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.62  
·Added DPI scaling to PureVision Interface to prevent text and gadgets from being cut off when Windows DPI is scaled above 100%  
·Added #PB_Ignore option to StatusBar by setting Field size to zero  
·Fixed many spelling mistakes in Help File/Manual (thanks to FangBeast)  

Version 5.61
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.61  
·Updated Help File to better explain the PVDynamic changes in the PVGadgets Library  

Version 5.60e
·Fixed Gadgets highlighting incorrectly in PanelGadget is large font is used in the Tabs  
·Fixed Gadget Selection in ScrollAreaGadget so you can use mouse to Move/Size Gadgets  
·Changed the way Dynamic Resizing works. BindEvent using SizeWindow now replaces 2 Windows Callbacks  
·Windows Callback is only required if a Gadget Color not supported by PureBasic's native Forground/Background Color commands is used  
·Due to these changes, install new PVGadgets Library, re-export PureVision Projects and verify your Main Event Loop contains proper Dynamic Sizing code.  

Version 5.60d
·Added CTRL-A to Export Project Form allowing quick Select/Deselect of Forms to Export  

Version 5.60c
·Fixed MenuBar errors when loading older non Unicode Projects  

Version 5.60
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.60  

Version 5.51
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.51  
·Added CrashProtection feature. Ability to restore session if PureVision does not exit properly  
·Added ability for PureVision to automatically detect and install the appropriate 32/64bit version of PVGadgets  
·Fixed missing Bind for CloseWindow in SpiderBasic Export Module  

Version 5.50
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.50  

Version 5.42
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.42  
·Fixed export bug when exporting using #PB_Any support  
·Fixed failed install of PVGadgets when PureBasic has been installed into "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10  

Version 5.41
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.41  
·Changed the way PureVision exports Menu Items. Since PureBasic does not allow #PB_Any for MenuItem, these values are exported as Enumerated Constants instead of Globals  

Version 5.40
·   Recompiled with PureBasic 5.40

Version 5.31c
·   Added support for SpiderBasic. Forms can now be exported using optional SpiderBasic Export PlugIn

Version 5.31b
·Fixed bug preventing Language files from loading  

Version 5.31
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.31  
·INI file is now stored in User/AppData/Roaming  

Version 5.30c
·Fixed bug where icons might not display correctly in MenuBar Editor  
·Added ability for ColorRequester to store custom colors  
·Added modify background color of grouped gadgets  
·Added modify foreground color of grouped gadgets  
·Added enable/disable XP Skin support of grouped gadgets  

Version 5.30b
·Reworked Gadget Repositioning in Gadget Tree  
·Added ability to Archive Project  

Version 5.30
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.30  
·Added OpenGL Gadget  
·Added PBAny Support/No Constants, Build and Embed Language File & Export Unicode Export Flags are now saved with GUI file  
·Fixed Include Files not being copied into new Include Folder if Save Path was changed  
·Fixed display problem with API Gadgets when adjusting position in ScrollArea or Container Gadget  

Version 5.22d
·Exported code is now compatible with PureBasic "EnableExplicit" command  
·Fixed bug in exported code using PB_Any support  

Version 5.22c
·Fixed bug with coloring gadgets using transparent (setting color to -1) and displaying color properly  

Version 5.22b
·Added Unicode support to PureVision  
·Added Unicode support to PureTrans  

Version 5.22
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.22 LTS  
·Fixed bug causing Form to lose focus and not update properly / become unresponsive  

Version 5.21b
·Reworked some of the draw routines when resizing Forms in PureVision. This should fix some problems when running under Windows 8  
·Fixed a selector bug that appeared when PureBasic changed syntax of Frame3DGadget to FrameGadget  
·Added warning message when trying to install PVGadgets with no Write Access to folder  
·Updated PVGadgets x86 and x64 Library for better compatibility under Windows 8  
·Removed XP from PureVisionXP name since PureVision is mainly on Windows 7 and now Windows 8 desktop's. This means PureVision will install in C:\PureVision by default and settings will be in PureVision.ini  
·PureVision is no longer forced to Maximize, screens are so big these days it makes no sense taking up all that space  
·Added CTRL+PageUp to toggle Tool Windows on Top, same as "Menubar/Forms/Tool Windows on Top"  

Version 5.21
·Includes PVPlugins for 64bit Windows  

Version 5.20
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.20 LTS  
·Fixed Code Export for compatibility with PureBasic 5.20  
·Updated PVGadgets Library for compatibility with PureBasic 5.20  

Version 5.11
·Recompiled with PureBasic 5.11 to fix bug with "Save Current Form"  

Version 5.10
·Updated PureSkin to use new Compression Library, making PureSkin compatible with x64  
·Form will now automatically default to Borderless when PureSkin is on a Form  
·Added some missing Flags to Gadgets  
·Added API_ to beginning of Windows specific Flags. Don't use these Flags if building Cross Platform Apps.  

Version 5.01
·Added Font Manager to quickly and easily modify Font attributes of multiple Gadgets  
·Fixed bug with the way Area type Gadgets are exported  

Version 5.00f
·Removed MenuBar Icons API callback, now uses native PureBasic MenuBar Icons code  

Version 5.00d
·Added DirectX Gadget (OpenWindowedScreen) - Great for creating template for Windowed Game.  

Version 5.00c
·Added ability to remove XP Skin Support from individual Gadgets and Forms  
·Added PVGadgets_NoSkin command to PVGadgets User Library  
·Added AutoUpdate Checking so you always know when update is available  
·Fixed problem with images not changing properly in some of the ButtonImage Gadgets due to PureBasic changing from SetGadgetState() to SetGadgetAttribute()  

Version 5.00b
·Both PVGadgets 32bit & 64bit can be installed from same PureVision executable  

Version 5.00
·Compiled for PureBasic 5.0  
·Added new flags for Forms (OpenWindow)  

Version 4.61e
·Fixed bug in ListView Gadget where exported code missed extra flags.  

Version 4.61d
·Added Font support for ExplorerTreeGadget, ExplorerListGadget & ExplorerComboGadget  

Version 4.61b
·Added Font flag for PanelGadget allowing font used for Panel Tabs to be modified  

Version 4.61
·Added currently selected Gadget type to bottom of Properties Window  
·Fixed bug with Vertical or Horizontal aligning of Grouped Gadgets  

Version 4.60
·Added new PureBasic CanvasGadet  
·Added #ThreeState flag for TreeGadget and ListIconGadget  
·Recompiled PVGadgets User Library to support PureBasic 4.60 - 32bit & 64bit  

Version 4.51g
·MenuBar Editor now allows inserting items where highlighted  
·Made Properties Window re sizable  
·Added some MenuItem commands to PV_Plugins Library  

Version 4.51f
·Updated flags for many Gadgets  
·Added native coloring for many Gadgets  

Version 4.51e
·Fixed problem that could cause MenuBar Items to get scrambled when creating a MenuBar  

Version 4.51c
·Fixed StatusBar resize bug which could cause crash in Unicode or Threadsafe mode  

Version 4.51b
·Added ability to move menu/toolbar when full screen is disabled  

Version 4.51
·Added tool tips for IP Gadget  
·Fixed bug with Exit Window hiding behind About screen  

Version 4.50
·Recompiled for PureBasic 4.50  

Version 4.41b
·Optimized exported code when including AVI files for AnimGadget  
·Added commands PVGadgets_AnimGadgetPlay, PVGadgets_AnimGadgetStop and PVGadgets_AnimGadgetHide for more control over the API AnimGadget  

Version 4.41
·Added Font & Color support for Editor Gadget  
·Added #CURRENTWINDOW# and #CURRENTGADGET# macro to Code Injector  

Version 4.40
·Recompiled for PureBasic 4.40  
·PVGadgets ThreadSafe, Unicode & ThreadSafeUnicode are all in one Library now, no need for separate subsystem settings.  

Version 4.30
·Recompiled for PureBasic 4.30  
·Removed export code for versions of PureBasic earlier than 4.30 (use PVXP 4.20 if you want to use earlier versions of PureBasic)  

Version 4.20
·Recompiled for PureBasic 4.20  

Version 4.02
·PVGadgets is now available in ThreadSafe and Unicode Mode. If you are compiling to Unicode in PureBasic check "Create Unicode Executable" under Compiler Options and enter Unicode as Library Subsystem. Change "Unicode" to "ThreadSafe" if you are compiling to ThreadSafe.  
·Fixed problem with menubar icons not being copied over with other graphics/icons if new folder is selected  
·Fixed EditorGadget and ReadOnly flag  

Version 4.00 beta 14
·Exported code for PureBasic 4.x uses more native color commands  
·Updated BubbleTip commands to fix problems  
·Updated PieChartGadget to fix problems  

Version 4.00 beta
·Modified to compile using PureBasic 4.00  
·Fixed problem with form size when renaming Bin Groups  
·Fixed bug to prevent reading invalid Language Files  
·Fixed bug with Code Injection using Form and OuterLoop  

Version 2.15
·Changed the way PVXP reads Language files to support more Languages  

Version 2.14
·Added Code Injection feature to Form and Gadget Properties  
·Added Compile/Run and View Source from PureVisionXP Interface  
·Enhanced the Plug-In support and made simple VD to PV form converter to demonstrate  
·Fixed conflicting Constant problem with StatusBar  
·Updated PVGadgets Library  

Version 2.12
·Optimized and recompiled PVGadgets library  
·Fixed problem with exported code not using "auto resize image" flag properly for ImageGadget  
·Fixed bug when exporting ImageGadget using PB_Any  
·Fixed small bug with Bubble Tips preference not saving when exiting PVXP  
·Removed #PB_Image_BorderRaised flag from API ProgressBar. Something has changed in PB that no longer allows this to work properly.  

Version 2.11
·Added new PieChart Gadget  
·Added new Functions to PVGadgets Library  
·Fixed problem with required ImageDecoders not being included in Exported code due to case sensitive. "png" included decoder, "PNG" did not.  

Version 2.10
·Added option to bypass "Confirm Overwrite" when Exporting projects  
·Fixed problem with menubar settings not being read from INI file when PVXP is launched from double clicking GUI Project Files  
·Fixed problem with images not being copied over when project is saved in a new folder  

Version 2.09
·Added option to load other Language Files for PVXP interface  
·Added option to select custom AVI for AnimImageGadget  
·Made Properties Window re sizable  
·Fixed problem with tool windows not repositioning on startup  
·Fixed problem with DisableFullScreen flag  

Version 2.08
·Fixed problem with Online Translator  

Version 2.07
·Recompiled both PVXP and PVGadgets for PureBasic 3.93  
·Fixed problem with Images folder not being created  
·Fixed problem with CTRL-S and ALT-X not working  

Version 2.06
·API CanvasGadget and API ProgressBarGadget can now be put into Area/Container Gadgets  
·Fixed Export bug when using CanvasGadget or ProgressBarGadget and the #PB_Any option  

Version 2.05
·Fixed problem when Merging Forms  

Version 2.04
·Added coloring for CalendarGadget  
·Added help for PVGadgets_FormatNumber() command under Extra Functions  
·Added a number of ListIcon Functions under Extra Functions  
·Fixed problem with DatePickerGadget format being reset  

Version 2.03
·Added DisableFullScreen flag to PureVision.ini file  
·Fixed bug that allowed Form to have Font option (causing PVXP shutdown)  

Version 2.02
·Added PanelGadget information to Help File  
·Recompiled with new PureBasic Gadget Library to fix problem with CalendarGadget  

Version 2.01
·Fixed problem with Properties Form losing focus when entering ID Name  
·Auto Resize Code is now included when MaximizeGadget is added to Form  
·Added snap grid sizes in PureVision.ini file  
·Updated Help File  

Nov. 08 , 2004
·PureVisionXP 2.0 officially released on November 8, 2004