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Whenever you use the Gadget Tree and place a check in front of a Gadget, you are grouping Gadgets. When Gadgets are grouped, you are able to Move, Size, Copy, Duplicate many Gadgets at one time.

To Move or Size a Group of Gadgets, select the Gadgets you wish to be in the Group (or select the predefined Group from the Group Bin) and then use the arrow keys to Move or Size the Gadgets.

Right mouse click on the Gadget Tree to display the Gadget Tree Menu and use will see a number of options for Grouping Gadgets.


Group All Gadgets (ALT+G)
This automatically places a check in front of all Gadgets in the Gadget Tree.

Invert Grouped Gadgets (ALT-I)
This inverts all Gadgets that have been grouped. All Gadgets that have been checked become unchecked and all gadgets that were unchecked become checked.

Group Tabbed Gadgets
Select a Tab in the Gadget Tree and then select this option. All Gadgets under the selected Tab will become checked.

Add Group to GroupBin
All Gadgets currently grouped in the Gadget Tree (containing a check) will be added to the selected GroupBin Group.

Clear Grouped Gadgets (ALT-C)
This clears ALL grouped gadgets in the Gadget Tree. (All checks are removed)