Export Project (ALT+X)
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To have PureVision convert your Project into Source Code which will compile using the PureBasic Compiler, select Export Project or press ALT+X.

PureVision will generate Source Code for all Forms in the Export List which contain a check. If your Project contains Forms you do not wish to have exported, simply remove the check from any Form you do not want exported.

By default, the first Form in the Export List will be selected. The first Form is always considered the Main Form and an Event Loop will be generated for this Form if Generate Event Loop Code has been checked. To have PureVision generate an Event Loop for a different Form, simply select another Form in the Export List.


By default PureVision exports code using Constants. If you prefer using Global variables assigned with #PB_Any, you can enable this export option by checking "PB Any Support/No Constants".

If you would like to export your Project with support for multiple Languages, check "Build and Embed Language File". This will embed the current Project Language as well as export a Language File (.Lang) which you can easily edit using the PureTrans Language Manager.

By default PureVision will export your Project as Unicode UTF8 allowing support for extended characters. If you uncheck this option PureVision will export your Project as ASCII.

If an Exported Project or an Event Loop for an Exported Project already exists, you will be prompted to "Confirm Overwrite". This is a safety feature giving you a last chance before overwriting any existing data. If you DO NOT wish to be prompted every time PureVision is about to overwrite existing data, you can turn this warning feature off by removing the check in the "Confirm on Overwrite" check box.