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The AnglerPro Remote Settings is broken into 3 areas:
Display Schedule, Web Pages & Folder Settings.


Display Schedule

For the AnglerPro Remote module to generate display data automatically, you must set up a Display Schedule. Display data will be generated in the order form top to bottom and will change based on the time entered in Auto Display Every Sec. The default time is 5 seconds.

To add a display item, press the appropriate button and it will be added to the schedule. To remove an item from the schedule, double right click on the item you wish to remove. You can also change the order of the items by selecting the item and presing the PageUp or PageDown keys.

You can customize the Stats+Banner and Sponsor Ads that are displayed by adding your own images to the appropriate folders.

Web Pages

AnglerPro Remote can automatically generate web pages that can be served locally by using the provided AnglerPro Server software (located in the Main AnglerPro Tournament folder) or transfered via FTP to a remote web server.

To automatically generate web pages, check off Enable Web Updates.

If you are having your web pages sent to a remote server, fil in the required FTP Server information and check off Auto FTP Stats to Server. Web pages will be generated every 60 seconds. If you would like to shorten or lengthen this time, simple change the default value.

If you do not wish to have web pages automatically generated, you can still create web pages manually by pressing the Build Web Pages Now button.

If you have a slow internet connection, AnglerPro Remote will only send a single web page (64kb) each time. For a fast internet connection, check off Fast Internet Connection and AnglerPro Remote will send five web pages (315kb) each time which will allow the Internet viewer to sort results interactively.

Folder Settings

In order for AnglerPro Remote to generate data, it needs to be linked to the main AnglerPro Database.
This is accomplished by Sharing both the folders AnglerPro Remote and AnglerPro Tournament are located in and mapping them to a drive. For information on Sharing and Mapping Network Drives, refer to the Windows Help File.

Locate the folders you will be using by pressing the appropriate clip0081 button.


AnglerPro Remote must also know where the TV Display and MC Display are located in order to send the appropriate data for the creation of graphic screens.