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Selecting Settings will allow you to set up AnglerPro specific to your Tournament.
Before you are presented with the Settings menu, you will be asked to enter a password since some of the settings are sensitive and you do not want just anyone going in and changing them. If you have not yet set a password, simply leave the password field blank.


The Settings menu allows you to select a 1, 2 or 3 day tournament, the start date of your tournament, the amount of weight deducted for each penalty as well as various access rights. This allows for other AnglerPro terminals to be set up without the fear of data being added or modified by the wrong operators.


If you include a QR Code on Angler Tags, you can enter a QR Code Link here in the Settings menu.
If you enter as the QR Code Link and the tag printed is for "Joe Fisher",
the QR Code printed will contain:

If you then use Angler Pro Remote module to upload the webpage results to , the device scanning the code will be be directed to the results page and anchor to the name JOEFISHER. This allows anyone to scan an Anglers Tag and quickly view the results of that Angler.

Once options have been changed, press the Update Settings button to save the new settings.

When starting a new tournament or running the AnglerPro software for the first time, the Settings menu is the first place you should start.

Web Page Output


If results for the Can/Am Challenge or Local vs The World Challenge are required on exported Web Pages, you can do this by selecting the appropriate setting.
By selecting None, neither of these results will be included. You can also customize the name of the Local Team by entering it here.

Create New Tournament

When a tournament has finished and it is time to start a new one, use the Create New Tournament button to clear all the old Weigh-Ins and reset all team numbers back to zero.

NOTE: As a safety percaution, only the terminal containing the USB Key is allowed to create a new tournament and reset all data