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Version 4.22
·Add: Option for Weigh Tickets to show Penalties  
·Fix: Photo not showing when Angler is set as Captain but was Partner on a previous deleted team  
·Fix: Display issue on Weighin Screen for tournaments less that 3 days long  
·Fix: Unable to Officiate while running Demo Version  

Version 4.21
·Add: Option to Specify Main Weigh In and Secondary Weigh In Station  
·Add: TLS Support in FTP Module  
·Add: Light & Dark Theme for Web Pages  
·Add: Create Marquee (Rolling) Display for Web Page on a Kiosk  
·Add: View FTP Logs from Remote Module  
·Add: Ability to Manually Control TV & MC Display Separately  
·Fix: Bug in Day 2 & 3 Start Order Report  
·Fix: Crosstalk with Remote Module when using Secondary Weigh In Station  

Version 4.20
·Add: Motor Brand Report  
·Add: Boat Brand Report  
·Add: Customize Big Fish 1 & Big Fish 2 Report Name  
·Add: Ability to customize Adult Starting Age  
·Add: Support for ProTournament Scales - H2 Scale  
·Add: Support for ProTournament Scales - Epson Tournament Ticket Printer  
·Add: Auto Launch Scale Reader when opening Team WeighIns  
·Add: Export Reports to TXT or HTML  
·Add: Auto Update checking on startup option  
·Changed: Small Boat Report to Small Motor Report  
·Fix: Display Module not saving display settings  

Version 4.11
·Add: Local vs The World Report  
·Add: Display Module now stores last display preference  
·Add: Display Module can display Local vs World results  
·Add: CanAm Challenge and Local vs World can be excluded from exported Web Pages  
·Add: Local vs World can be scheduled in Remote Module  

Version 4.10
·Add: Backed Up Data is now archived in standard ZIP format  
·Add: Option for Display Module to display across dual monitors  
·Add: Flight B+ Custom Setting  
·Add: Flight B- Custom Setting  
·Add: Oldest Team Custom Setting  
·Add: Ability to "Scratch" a Team  
·Add: Option to include QR Code on Angler Tags  
·Add: Adult/Youth Report  
·Add: All Female Team Report  
·Add: Female Member on Team Report  
·Add: Flight B- Report  
·Add: Oldest Team Combined Age Report  
·Fix: Can/Am Report not printing properly if less than 5 teams per side  

Version 4.04
·Add: New Printer Routines for more professional reports  
·Add: Selectable Day 1,2 or 3 for Mystery Weight, Small Boat & Lund Merc Challenge  
·Fix: If database connection is lost, Remote Module will not update web pages via FTP  
·Fix: If new tournament is started, Officiate Daily Results will be reset to Start of Tournament  
·Fix: Problem with the way Flight B was calculated  
·Fix: Bug in Remote Module which could cause a crash when Angler Pro sent weight updates  

Version 4.03
·Force Angler Pro modules to run as Administrator under Windows Vista to resolve issues with access rights to folders  
·Added Mystery Weight to Extra Reports  
·Fixed bug where Custom Tournament Image would not display in Tag Printer Que  
·Fixed bug where highest daily weight was displayed on web page instead of total daily weights  
·Fixed bug where PhotoID would load .jpg but not .JPG  

Version 4.02
·Added ability to Archive Database and Photos  
·When creating Database Backup or Archive, all Angler Pro Modules can continue to run  

Version 4.00
·Angler Pro Tournament 4.0 officially released