Getting Started
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Software Installation

Angler Pro Tournament software is installed by placing the Angler Pro CD in the CD-Rom drive.
The setup software will automatically start and prompt you for destination folders. It is best to use the default settings.

NOTE: If the software was downloaded from the Angler Pro Website, run the Installer then continue.

After the software has been installed, locate the AnglerPro Tournament folder and set it up as a shared folder to allow for the other modules to access the AnglerPro database.

Locate the various Angler Pro modules in the Windows Programs Menu by pressing clip0087

Next select clip0088

and locate the Angler Pro Tournament folder

The first time you run any of the modules, you will be asked to supply a User Name and Registration Key. Once this information has been entered, you will be ready to run the software.

clip0091Angler Pro Tournament

Start by selecting Angler Pro Tournament from the Start Menu. Enter the required registration information. You may be required to restart the Angler Pro software.

If you have information in an older version of Angler Pro, select File from the menubar and then Transfer Old Database.
This is the only time you will be able to transfer data from an old database.

Next go into the Settings and customize your tournament by entering the start date, numbers of days, weight deducted per penalty and access rights. If this is your main terminal, it is best to give access to all features in the program.

Press the Update Settings button when done.

Under Edit in the menubar, select Angler Database to add or modify Angler Information. This is also a good time to enter Volunteer and Sponsor information.

Now it's time to start building your teams by selecting Edit from the menubar and then Register Teams.

You can assign team numbers while you build your teams or after you have put all your teams together.
The more information you provide when building your teams (bios, sponsors, etc), the more will be available to your MC Display later in your tournament.

When your tournament is underway, press the Fish Weigh-In button to start weigh-ins. Enter the team number that is weighing in (or select from the team number list) and press the Enter key or the clip0092 button.

If you are running AnglerPro Remote and AnglerPro Display in your tournament for generating TV displays, make sure you have Display Override enabled and press the Modify button right away. This will force the information for the team you are currently weighing in to be displayed on the AnglerPro Display computer.

Enter all the the weigh-in data for that day and press the Modify botton when done.

Up to date reports can be generated at any time through out the tournament.

When the weigh-ins for the day are over and all the data has been checked for accuracy, select Reports from the menubar and press Officiate Daily Results.

Weight-ins can only be entered on the computer containing the USB Key. If the USB Key is lost or stolen, you will NOT be able to enter any weigh-in data. It is recommended to insure the USB Key for the cost of replacement in case it is lost or stolen. Pricing can be found on the Angler Pro website.