Fish Weigh-In
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Selecting Fish Weigh-In brings up the Fish Weigh-In screen. This is where all weigh-in data is entered into the database for a 1, 2 or 3 day tournament.


To Enter weights for a team, select the team number from the Team# drop box or simply type the team number into the Team# drop box and press the Enter key. If you are running a 2 day tournament then you will only see the first 2 weigh-in tabs. For a single day tournament only the first weigh-in tab will be displayed.


Enter the number of fish caught, the number released and the total weight caught. If a penalty is incurred, enter the number of penalties and the Net Weight will automatically be calculated. If a team brings in a big fish, you also have the opportunity to enter it into the database. There are 2 lines for big fish since some tournaments would like weights seperated, like weight for Big Mouth Bass and Small Mouth Bass.


If you would like to keep track of the areas where the fish have been caught, you can enter this information into the Area drop box.


If you would like the AnglerPro Remote module to follow along as weights are entered, select Display Override or Display Override + Sponsors

Once all data has been entered, press the Modify button to add it into the database.

Note: The Modify button will only be available on the computer containing the USB key. This is a security feature so weights can only be added or modified from a single location at a tournament.