Epson Ticket Printer
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The Epson Ticket Printer plugs directly into the USB port of your computer.
To enable the Ticket Printer in the Angler Pro Tournament software, go into the Settings Menu and place a check in the box labeled Enable Ticket Printer.


Select the Ticket Printer in the drop down list so the software knows where to find it.


Once you have completed entering weights in the Fish Weigh-In screen, you can print a Weigh Ticket by pressing the Print Ticket button.


A printed Weigh Ticket will contain the Team Number and Day of tournament the weight was recorded along with the names of Team Captain and Partner. It will have the number of fish weighed along with the total weight of those fish.
If a Big Fish has been weighed, it will also be included on the Weigh Ticket.

The Date/Time recorded will be the Date and Time the Weigh Scale locked the weight.


If a weight has been entered manually instead of using the Scale Reader, the separator line will start and end with the + sign and the Date/Time recorded will be the Date & Time the Print Ticket button was pressed.