Display Tag Printer Que
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The Tag Printer Que holds all the Anglers, Sponsors and Volunteer Tags that you select for printing. This allows you to save paper by waiting for at least 8 tags in the Que before printing, since AnglerPro prints 8 tags per sheet.

At any time you can clear the Tag Printer Que by pressing the Empty Que button.


To print the tags that have been added to the Tag Printer Que, press the Print ALL button.
The Printer Guide will appear allowing you to fine tune your printout based on your printer hardware and to select a custom image for your tags by pressing the image button. The default image is the AnglerPro fish logo.


Once your test page lines up with the tags paper you are using, you can print tags by selecting where on the page you would like to start printing tags.
Pressing 1 will start printing tags from the top left of the page while pressing 8 will print the first tag at the bottom right before continuing from the top left on the next page.

To print Cut Lines on the tags paper, select "Include Cut Lines in Printout". If you are using precut tags paper you would not select this option.

If you would like a QR Code included on each tag, select "Include QR Code for Anglers".
The QR Code will include the text entered in the Settings menu along with the Anglers First & Last name.
This will allow devices to scan the QR Code and forward the user to a web page containing the Anglers Weigh In Position.