AnglerPro Scale Reader
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The H2 Series digital weigh scale comes with a wireless receiver that plugs directly into the USB port of your computer.
To enable the Scale Reader in the Angler Pro Tournament software, go into the Settings Menu and place a check in the box labeled Enable Scale Reader.

When you go into the Fish Weigh-In screen the Scale Reader will open and you will be prompted to select the COM Port which the Weigh Scale Receiver is connected to.


You should see the current weight being sent from the Scale if the connection is successful.


When the Weigh Master places a weight on the Scale, the Software operator will see the weight in the Scale Reader display. When the weight is locked in, the display will change to Green indicating the weight is final.


When the weight has been removed the Scale Reader display will return to 0.00
A history will be kept showing the last weight and all previous weights during that weigh in session.
If you would like to pull up a previous weight from the History List, simple double left click on that weight and it will be displayed as Last Weight.


When a weight has been Locked In, the software operator can press the clip0115button next to the appropriate weigh field and the Last Weight will be transferred