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The Professional Form Designer for PureBasic

PureVision provides you with a quick and easy way to create and manage forms while designing professional commercial applications.

Not only can you manage entire projects, PureVision allows you to export individual Forms from large projects and merge them with other projects. By reusing exisiting forms, this saves you both time and money.

PureVision comes complete with tools for giving your projects that "competative edge".
Add icons to MenuBars, create custom Skins for your Forms, design custom Pointers, manage Language Files for multilingual support and much more !!!

Have even more power at your fingertips by accessing PVGadgets, a custom library designed specifically for those wanting more out of their application.

PureVision is the choice of professionals and is used to design and create thousands of dollars worth of commercial software on a daily basis.

When you have PureVision, you have Pure Power !!


·Easy To Use Interface  
·Design Complex Professional Forms Quickly  
·Graphically Enhance Forms with PureSkins  
·Group Gadgets for Fast Moving & Sizing  
·Copy & Paste Gadgets from Clipboard  
·Easily Adjustable Tabbing Order  
·"Hot Keys" for Quick Gadget Manipulation  
·Load/Save Full Work Projects  
·Edit Multiple Forms in a Single Project  
·Save Individual Forms to New Project  
·Merge Individual Forms or Complete Projects  
·Auto Include Images in Compiled EXE  
·Create Dynamically Resizing Forms  
·Export as "Easy To Use" PureBasic Source Code  
·Select Windows or Linux Compliant Code  
·Exports Full Project or Selected Forms Only  
·Exports Multi Language Support File  
·Export Ascii or UTF-8 Unicode Support  
·Includes PureTrans - Multi Language File Manager  
·Includes PVGadgets - Custom Gadgets Library  
·Supports PureBasic v5.6x Gadgets  
·Supports PureBasic v5.6x Gadget Flags  
·Allows for Additional (non PB) Flags  
·Features Additional Windows API Gadgets  
·No Limit to Number of Forms in a Project  
·Number of Gadgets per Form is Unlimited  
·Work Form Looks & Responds as it was in Your Final Application (WYSIWYG Interface)  

·Email:   support@reelmedia.org  
·Web:   http://purevision.reelmedia.org