Install PVGadgets Library
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There are a number of Gadgets and commands that make use of a special PureBasic addon Library called PVGadgets. PureVision will automatically generate the required source code to access the functions in this library. You can also use these functions manually for a higher level of control over your application by refering to the PVGadgets reference section.

To compile source code containing PVGadgets functions, you must first have the PVGadgets addon Library installed. Select Install PVGadgets Library and locate the main PureBasic folder. If you have the PureBasic editor running, it must be restarted for the new library to be recognized.


PureVision will automatically install the 64bit version of PVGadgets for the 64bit version of PureBasic and the 32bit version of PVGadgets for the 32bit version of PureBasic.