Extended MenuBar
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The Extended MenuBar is located right below the Main MenuBar.

The X,Y properties of the currently selected Form/Gadget are displayed along with Width and Height information.

The Move/Size toggle button allows you to change between Gadget Moving and Gadget Sizing on your Form. When you are in Moving mode, the button will display move and when you are in Sizing mode it will display size .
For quick access when working on Forms, you can also press the middle mouse button to toggle between Move and Size. Once you are in Move or Size mode, you can use the right mouse button to Move or Size the selected Gadget. You can also use the arrow keys to Move or Size the selected Gadgets.

This button will add a new Form to your current project. If you have more than one Form in your project, use the Form Selector Drop Box to select the name of the Form you wish to view/edit.

This button will delete the current selected Form from your project. Once a Form is deleted, all Gadgets contained on that Form will also be deleted.

While working on Gadgets you may wish to view or change the Form properties. Pressing this button will change to Form Properties mode. You can also press the Home key.

All Forms can contain a MenuBar. To build a MenuBar, press the MenuBar Editor button to start the MenuBar Editor. Once a MenuBar has been created, check the Use MenuBar box to display the MenuBar. If you create a MenuBar but later decide not to use it, simply uncheck the Use MenuBar box and the MenuBar will not be exported with the source code.

If you add icons to your MenuBar, you can enable them by checking the Use Menu Icons button. MenuBar Icons are made available with special PVGadgets commands.