Various Angler Pro Configurations
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This is a single computer running the AnglerPro Tournament.


This show AnglerPro Remote running on the same computer as AnglerPro Tournament. This will allow for web pages to be created and either accessed via the AnglerPro Server Software or sent to an external website via FTP.


This shows AnglerPro Tournament running on one computer which is networked to a second computer running AnglerPro Remote and AnglerPro Display. This allows for web pages to be created as well as displays for television (using a video card with video out).
A schedule would be setup to display various information which would be overridden by AnglerPro when weigh-ins were taking place.


This configuration has AnglerPro Tournament running on computer 1. Computer 2 is running AnglerPro Remote which is networked to computer 1 as well and being networked to computer 3 and computer 4 which are running AnglerPro Display (TV) and AnglerPro Display (MC).


This configuration has 6 computers networked together. AnglerPro Remote is networked to AnglerPro Display (MC) and two AnglerPro Display (TV) computers. There is also a second AnglerPro Tournament computer which allows for reports to be printed, photos to be captured, etc. while weigh-ins are taking place.