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Various reports and stats can be generated with the single click of a button in AnglerPro.


Angler Pro Tournament has a large number of different reports that can be generated throughout a fishing tournament. When a report is generated, the results are displayed on screen with the option to print the information.

The sort order can be adjusted on any generated report by clicking the column heading.


To print all the information generated, press the Print All button. To print specific information, hold the CTRL key while selecting the items you would like printed, then press the Print Selected button when done.

Pressing the Print Top button will print the first 10 items in the list. You also have the option to change the default 10 items to whatever number you wish.

You can also export all generated items in the Report to a tab delimited text file or a basic HTML file by selecting your preference from the File Type list.


Note: If there is a specific report that you would like AnglerPro to generate for your tournament, please contact us.