Register Teams
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Selecting Register Teams allows you to pair up Anglers in the Angler Database into Teams and assign team numbers, team information and team sponsorship data.


When creating a new team, start by clearing the form with the Clear button.
Select a Captain and a Partner in the Team Data section. You can also quickly modify Angler information by pressing the clip0024button.
After filling in all additional information you require for your tournament, press the Add button to add the new team to the list.

All teams start with zero as the team number. To assign a number to a team, select the team from the team list and press the Assign Team# button.


A box will appear allowing you to enter the team number. Press the Ok button to assign the team number.

Team information can also be changed and updated by selecting the appropriate team from the team list. Make any changes or additions required and press the Modify button to store the information.

If you come across a team whose Captain and Partner have switched rolls, you can change this quickly by simply select the team from the team list and pressing the Flip button.

The Team List can be sorted by Team#, Captain or Partner by pressing the appropriate column heading.


There are four different symbols that can appear in front of the Registered Team which specify which Anglers have a photo.

clip0027Both Captain and Partner have a photo
clip0028Neither Captain or Partner have a photo
clip0029Captain has a photo, Partner has no photo
clip0030Captain has no photo, Partner has a photo

To Delete a Team from the database, select he team to delete by double right clicking on the team in the team list.
If you want to keep a team and its information but not use the team in the current tournament, simply assign a Team# of zero.