AnglerPro Remote
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AnglerPro Remote generates data to the AnglerPro Display module as well as web pages for the Internet. The AnglerPro Remote module will also follow the weigh-in progress in AnglerPro Tournament. For this to happen, the folder containing AnglerPro Remote must be shared so AnglerPro Tournament can connect to it.

To share the AnglerPro Remote folder...

Right click on Windows Start button

Select Explore from the popup menu

Locate the Angler Pro Tournament in the file list

Right Click on the Angler Pro Tournament folder and select Sharing and Security

Check both Share this folder on the network and Allow network users to change my files.
For the Share name enter AnglerPro Remote. This will allow you to easily locate the folder when searching for network paths on the computer running AnglerPro.